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Your support of this current fundraising campaign is very critical for our YMCA to complete this year’s mission of compassionate community support in the areas of Youth Development, Healthy Living & Social Responsibility. We need to raise $50,000 through this initiative to meet our end of year obligations and begin 2015 in a strong position to make the impacts needed in our community – that can only be filled by the YMCA.

Why This Matters

Our Y serves thousands of people, so much of them being youth, and our ability to provide scholarships for programing and services to those who cannot afford them depend on community support. Our longstanding mantra stands that no one is turned away because of the inability to pay. It is important that every citizen, young and old, have the opportunity to flourish despite their economic circumstances.

Our Board of Directors, along with many community advocates, has formed Y Care Teams to compete in raising money to meet these financial needs. While competition is fun, everyone involved CARE deeply in the YMCA and its service to Tallahassee. Please choose the team(s) you support and make a tax deductible donation. So many people depend on us to be here, and with so many YMCAs struggling throughout the country, we hope you will support us. Please share this link with others and ask them to support as well.
Enjoy the videos to see more on Y you should care.

See Our Y Care Teams (PDF)

How To Donate To Your Team

In the form below, make your donation like your normally would. However, make sure to select “Y Care Campaign” from the drop-down for your donation to be affiliated with a specific Campaign. Then, select the team member you are pulling for. Click the Continue button to finish your donation.


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